CO2 (R744) Evaporators

CO2 (R744) Evaporators are coolers designed for commercial and industrial cooling applications with a subcritical and transcritical operating range, and they are manufactured to appeal to a wide capacity range. Robust and electrostatic powder coated (RAL 9016) casing on entirely galvanized sheet metal creates a smooth, permanent, corrosion-resistant, decorative structure. It is suitable for food applications. […]

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Fiber Reinforced Material Cooling Towers

NIBA HMP Cooling Model Towers Upgrade your cooling system to a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly solution with HMP Cooling Model Towers. Experience enhanced performance, energy savings, and a reduced carbon footprint. Contact us today to discuss your cooling requirements and take a step towards a sustainable and efficient future. For larger capacities, HMP model cooling towers are

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Cenk Inc. operates in the fields of water cooling towers, dry type coolers, hybrid towers, air-cooled condensers, closed-loop water cooling towers and adiabatic cooling towers.  For more than 40 years in all kinds of comfort and process cooling, it is proud to serve you, its customers, with its ever-increasing quality, knowledge and experience.  It carries out both

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Niba has been successfully providing the manufacturing, sales, assembly and spare parts services of GRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester) Package Type Water Cooling Towers for many years. In addition, it provides maintenance, repair and exploration works, engineering and contracting services for existing cooling towers. Niba package type water cooling towers are designed to provide optimum cooling. It

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FRITERM was established in 1979 in Turkey, Istanbul one of the reputed leading manufacturer in refrigeration market, The products are perfectly suited for various applications in cold storage and industrial warehouse cooling. With versatility to cater to Ammonia, glycol, chilled water, and DX refrigeration requirements, The products have obtained certifications from esteemed organizations such as

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Channel Type Heating and Cooling Coils

Channel Type Heating and Cooling Coils DUCT TYPE HEATING AND COOLING BATTERIES basically have the following features:» A, B and C Class Leakage Level in accordance with EN 1751 Standard» Easy assembly with rectangular and circular duct connection flanges» Special material options are available for fin and cassette» Stainless steel for duct cooling applications pan application

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