HMP Cooling Model Towers

For larger capacities, HMP model cooling towers are designed to provide optimal cooling. In HMP model pinnacles, the air fan is put at the highest point of the pinnacle.

In HMP model cooling towers, the drive is made straightforwardly coupled. The direct motor or gearmotor is utilized in the direct coupled system, and it is positioned just above the fan. The minimizer to be utilized; It is motorized, single-stage, helical buttoothed, and flanged.

HMP model pinnacles can be produced as at least two adjoining cells to address the issue. Body boards utilized in the pinnacle development, corner and center legs, pool, tower formal hat are made of CTP (Glass Built up Polyester) material and are impervious to consumption and have an extremely lengthy help life.

The fan shaft in HMP model cooling towers is made of hot-dip galvanized steel. The engine or gearmotor is put on this inflexible construction.