CENK Open Loop Cooling Tower

It is a CTI-Eurovent certified open loop cooling tower model.

Cenk Open loop cooling towers are industrial equipment that works according to the direct evaporative cooling principle. The picture above shows the working principle of an open-loop cooling tower. While dry and cold air from the outdoor environment enters from the bottom of the cooling tower, hot water enters from the top through the distribution system. Since the flow directions of air and water are 90 degrees opposite each other, this type of operation is called cross-flow type. Since there is no extra material between air and water, their cooling capacity is very high. As a result of the process, the cold water collected in the pool leaves the process to be sent to the required equipment. It is mainly used in the HVAC industry and places where cold water is required. It is produced with the most up-to-date design criteria in order to maximize cooling capacity. 

Technical Data

Main Structure, Exterior Body and Tower Pool

As standard, Z600 (600 gr/m2 zinc coated) galvanized steel is used. Thanks to Z600 Galvanized Steel, the towers are long-lasting and resistant to corrosion.  Alternatively, Stainless Steel is also used.

Coolant Fill

The fill consists of hot-formed PVC sheets assembled together in modules and covers the entire plan area of ​​the tower on the fill floor. Film type fillings are vacuumed to provide maximum cooling surface and minimum air resistance. After the water is sprayed on the upper surface of the filler, it flows down as a thin film layer on the filler, giving off its heat to the air that is currently moving in the opposite direction. This heat exchange occurs largely through evaporation. The height and elevation of the filling are determined to ensure optimum air distribution and heat transfer. The plastic material that makes up the PVC film is suitable for operation at temperatures between -5 C and +55 C without deformation or permanent damage. For different temperature ranges, different materials can also be used. 

Fan Group

Fan blades are designed to provide quiet operation. Blade angles can be adjusted manually while the fan is stationary, and the blades can be easily mounted to the fan hub via U-bolts. Fan blade material can be selected as Polypropylene (PP), Aluminum and GRP according to the application. All our models have direct coupled motors and direct coupled motor reducers with IP 55 protection class, insulation class F, heat increase class B, 3-phase operating at 50Hz or 60Hz frequency values. is used. Belt pulleys are used when desired.

Water Distribution System

One of the key elements of thermal performance is the optimum water distribution system. Cenk has conducted extensive research for this purpose. The water distribution system consists of a PVC main collector and PVC secondary pipes in the designed tower and is designed to wet the entire surface of the coil. Spray nozzles are made of polypropylene material, have high resistance to all kinds of chemicals, low clogging properties and are mounted directly on PVC pipes without requiring gaskets. Nozzles can be removed and installed manually without any tools.

Drip Catchers

Sinusoidal wave type profile eliminators made of PVC material retain water droplets in the discharged air. In this way, drift losses at the design point can be reduced to 0.001% of the circulation water.