Double Blow Water-Glycol Air Coolers

Our Water-Glycol Air Cooler Range:

  1. Compact Air Coolers: Ideal for applications with space constraints, our compact air coolers provide efficient cooling in a smaller footprint.
  2. Industrial Air Coolers: Our industrial-grade air coolers are designed to handle high heat loads and challenging environments, making them perfect for heavy-duty cooling applications.
  3. Custom Air Coolers: If you have specific requirements, our team can design and manufacture custom water-glycol air coolers tailored to your exact specifications.

General Information: The capacity of Double Blow Water-Glycol Room Coolers is between 1560 W – 64438 W. It covers a total of 5 series as GDDA, GDDH, GDDM, GDDAQ, GDDHQ series.