CENK Closed Loop Cooling Tower

It is Turkey’s first and only CTI-EUROVENT certified closed loop cooling tower model.

Cenk Closed circuit cooling towers  are cooling units that work according to the indirect evaporative cooling principle. Unlike the open-loop cooling tower, it contains a closed-loop heat exchanger in the area where the filling material is used. The main purpose of this heat exchanger is to prevent the cooled process water from coming into contact with the external environment. While it works with water-cooled product groups in HVAC type air conditioning applications, it can also work directly to cool machines in industrial applications.

Technical Data

1-Main Structure and Outer Body

Our LEON model closed loop water cooling towers are designed to provide optimum cooling. The main structure is made of galvanized steel, the pool, deck and fan chimney are made of GRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) sheets. The body panels of the tower are made of GRP sheets. The inner and outer surfaces of the tower are made of Gel-Coat material colored with polyester-based pigments, resistant to all kinds of weather conditions and UV rays, fadeless, indestructible, aesthetic and does not require painting. The outer shell of the tower is made of Jell-Coat + Fiber + Polyester + Coremat + Fiber + Polyester materials. It is produced using the sandwich technique.

2-Cooling Serpentine

Tower coils will be manufactured from continuously bent, hydrostatically tested steel pipes and will be subjected to deep-dip galvanization after manufacturing. Tower coils will be placed horizontally inside the tower and will be tested with 24 bar compressed air in the test pool.

3-Fan Group

Fan blades are designed to provide quiet operation. Blade angles can be adjusted manually while the fan is stationary, and the blades can be easily mounted to the fan hub via U-bolts. Fan blades are produced with aluminum extrusion. In all our models, direct coupled motors and direct coupled motor reducers with IP 55 protection class, insulation class F, heat increase class B, operating at 3-phase 50Hz or 60Hz frequency values ​​are used. For this reason, belt breakage in belt-pulley driven motors is used. risk is eliminated.

4-Water Distribution System

One of the key elements of thermal performance is the optimum water distribution system. Cenk has conducted extensive research for this purpose.The water distribution system consists of a PVC main collector and PVC secondary pipes in the designed tower and is designed to wet the entire surface of the coil. Spray nozzles are made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide material, have high resistance to all kinds of chemicals, low clogging properties and are mounted on PVC pipes directly, without the need for gaskets. The nozzles can be removed and installed manually without any tools.

5-Drip Catchers

Sinusoidal wave type profile eliminators made of PVC material retain water droplets in the discharged air. In this way, drift losses at the design point can be reduced to 0.002% of the circulation water.

6-Tower Pool

 The water tank is made of GRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester) material, so it is light and the risk of corrosion is eliminated. The outer surface of the pool is a Gel-Coat material colored with polyester-based pigments, resistant to all weather conditions and UV rays, fadeless, unspoilt, aesthetic and does not require painting. .Draining device capable of draining all the water, floater for feed water and water connections for overflow water are delivered ready-made.

7-Centrifugal Pump

In all our models, volute, single-stage, end suction, closed impeller, mono-block centrifugal pumps are used.

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