Cenk Inc. operates in the fields of water cooling towers, dry type coolers, hybrid towers, air-cooled condensers, closed-loop water cooling towers and adiabatic cooling towers.  For more than 40 years in all kinds of comfort and process cooling, it is proud to serve you, its customers, with its ever-increasing quality, knowledge and experience. 

It carries out both complete design and manufacturing, capacity increase and modification activities in cooling systems with its experienced engineers, technical staff and drawing team, using the latest technologies.

In order to provide the most accurate and reliable results to its customers in the products it designs, it combines the most up-to-date and comprehensive software with its experience from the past and offers solutions suitable for all kinds of needs of our valued customers regarding cooling systems.

Cenk Inc. It also provides turnkey services in the construction of complete industrial facilities and pumping stations related to cooling systems, automation and electrification. Thermal and combined cycle natural gas power plants, iron and steel plants, refineries, petrochemical plants and the food industry are the main sectors we serve. Cenk Inc. offers the most economical and efficient solutions to cooling needs.

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